Check out Bumwine It is sad… 

Cheap wineI was thinking the other day (scary I know)…let me set up my thoughts…walking down Franklin st. and this bum (assumption) rises out of a garbage bag house, unscrews some cheap bottle of booze, chugs a good amount and then goes back to sleep(your assumption is that it was a man…nope). It was unsettling at the time, but as usual I kept on walking.

Fast forward a week, after the shock of paying close to $40 for a tank of gas I go inside to pay, and there I see the same bottle of cheap booze for $2.99…and I get to thinking who buys this stuff other than alcoholics?

Thoughts: shouldn't we ban this stuff? But isn't that treating a symptom not the problem? When I buy a beer am I supporting a company that sells this "cocaine"?

What do you think?