So I ran across a great blog from Makoto Fujimura. He is an incredible painter, kinda reminds me of Rothko, but with an x factor. In his latest post he makes the statement,

"The church would not be the first place a creative genius would look for to be trained in art."

You see the church was one THE place to be for artists (on a sad note it sometimes was the only place that would pay them) but still the church and art were often put in the same sentence. Is that true today? I take that statement very personally, both in a mentoring way and as a musician. Am I doing enough to bring up the next generation of musicians…nope… Is the art I present the best that my ability can give, its not bad, but I know it could be better…let that be a challenge to you as-well, this ideas translates to everything, since God made everything to begin with.

I'll leave you with some incredible art…Bill Gates, if you are reading this, I'll take one for Christmas!