Well I’m in a bind here. On one hand, lets take a willowcreek worship production (the worship leader has 4 weeks to put together their set), on the other lets take a biblestudy where the is a person with a guitar, who probably only knows about 3 chords and a few camp songs. Now I am not gonna say one is better than the other, that would be pretty arrogant, and obviously both are engaging people to meet with and worship God. Or another dynamic a very traditional service in a mianline church with an organ and hymnal, a Charsmatic service with guitars and prophecy and flags waiving?

My question is one more authentic than the other?

We are in the middle of a series here at evolution caled colossians remixed, based on the book with the same title by brian walsh, and it talks alot about being subversive to the culture. Are we letting culture control us, shape us, define us?

What are your thoughts?