The second day on the job started a little earlier than any Saturday in my recent history, I believe it was 6:45 when I first felt a 60lb sack of energy jump on me! To my delight when I sauntered down stairs there was a pretty good rendition of waffles cooked, when I was in sixth grade I barely knew how to cook pop tarts! After some cartoons we started our trek toward armageddon…We pick up our artillery at Target, fully equipped with water guns, grenades, snaps, umbrellas for cover and swimsuits for uniforms, we declared war on the kid next door…it was fun!

Trivia question: is it possible to dump not one but two pizza's on yourself and the floor?

Answer: of course, and you get bonus points if you do it back to back in under a minute!
Starting to work on dinner, I now see why left-overs are so popular with moms…no cooking! Off to reheat some lasagna…