1. How does a vehicle designed for war become a status symbol? Now for the ironic fact: I'd drive one if you gave it to me?!? I'm sure there is a sociological book/paper on this subject, but what does that say about America and me for that matter?

2. We(Mom, Dad, Sister in-law, Brother) were at an incredible wedding this past weekend, that makes 2 awesome weddings in 2 weeks. As I am mingling with the other wedding guests I strike up a conversation with a couple who work in a booking agency we start talking about the church when she gets on her soapbox, now I've heard this before but it always makes me mad: "Churches need to get back to the bible, some churches aren't calling sin a sin…they are just preaching grace and feel good stuff…my pastor is adamantly against that!" I heard that and my blood began to boil…so I gave her a right hook and started in on how God uses everybody amidst their shortcomings, even pro-homosexual churches…she didn't say much after that, and then I felt guilty of slander myself. Here are a few thoughts about that statement:

1. Churches need to get back to the bible – What she is really saying is that churches need to interpret the bible like her.

2. Some churches aren't calling sin a sin – now I am a fan of Iron sharpens Iron and taking planks out of each others eyes in love, but if you really want to go down that road, you need to take the plank out of your eye first, even though you aren't a "sinner," the sin list is probably a mile long and you are too proud to notice.

3. They are preaching grace – AMEN!

4. And feel good stuff – not quite sure what this meant, but I know I like to feel good rather than bad! Some people equate church with conviction, which has its place in church but shouldn't embody her.

5. My pastor is adamantly against that – I feel sorry for this guy, there is so much to do we don't have the time nor the energy to tear down the body of Christ.

That's the short list, what do you think?