I think artists are especially prone to attacks of the giant ego, I mean when someone shares their art, no matter what form, they are sharing part of themselves so they need to make sure that they are properly inflated to take the bumps and bruises of life. So this leads me to 2 points. Last week on the mission trip we had a worship leader who was great, the sad thing was it was so hard for me to turn off that critic switch and the “let me show you how to really play that song” switch and just worship, I was able to but it bothered me. It might be the fact that where I used to be surrounded by great worship leaders, now I can count them on a finger or two that live around here. (at least that I know)

It was a painful process putting my ego down, and I feel it is kinda like a zombie, it raises from the dead every once in a while. But with tears and laughter from friends and that pesky Holy Spirit I think I got a hand on it…here are some of my less proud moments:

Q: So what instruments do you play?

A: ego: What do you have? or What do you want to hear?

More humbled answer: Kazoo!

So this leads to my second point, I leave for a week long Conference on Monday, 1,000’s of worship leaders from around the world, plenty of room to show off and let that ego rise from the dead but that will make it a waste of time and money…so my prayer is a VERY scary one…humility.