So I enjoyed one of my favorite things this morning, the steam room, for some reason it just makes my workout that much better, a little reward for curling those 5lb dumbbells, it is also the perfect place to pray. I think I’ve just put one in my mansion in heaven, right next to the black panther that I can ride on…eternity is gonna be sweet!

So this hotel is filling up with worship (in art) leaders from all over the world, I hate to be stereotypical but God must have some clay set aside for us artsy peeps…messy hair and cool t-shirts abound, it’s so non-conformist that I now want to conform…a beautiful sight!
As I was praying in the steam room the Spirit of God was heavy in there…I pray for humility, so that in my humility I will gain confidence…ironic, but that’s God for you!

more later, off to vocal training, that should produce some good stories!!!