Singing spirit songs, you can see it in Ephesians 5, but there is something to be said about just letting go, with thousands of other worshipers, it was incredible, I don’t think I even sang because I was so chocked up, my throat was sore. Sat next to some people from the Congo, there was a catholic priest behind me, thousands of run of the mill evangelicals, even people in the back waiving flags and banners…the diversity, the body of Christ was beautiful, people from all over just worshiping with everything, I think it was a little glimpse of heaven!

Good story: Flag waiving/interpretive dance, So if you haven’t seen it before it is exactly as you are thinking right now(weird and strange) So I wanted to get out of my comfort zone a bit so i went to the back and stood in the middle of them, flags and pirouettes right in front of me, I turned off my “way above that” switch and just took it in, beautiful. So this little kid(3-4) sees all this going on and comes over to the guy dancing with flags, and the guy gives him his flags and the little kids starts this amazingly coordinated dance(i.e. way better than me, not that I was dancing with flags, remember “way above that”) So this little kid is just dancing his little heart out before God, he is unaware of how Christian society will mock him in a few years, It brought some tears to my eyes…came this close to grabbing a flag myself.