Well it was a great last night in Texas, great worship and hanging out with my good friend, who ripped it up with Paul on stage, Ben taught me how to play guitar when I first started at NCU, it was a good night.


Beware of the flags: saw a little kid get whacked upside the head, funny. Saw this dude dancing with a long banner-flag and hit the ground laughing, it just reminded me of Will Farrell in Old School, sorry God

Steak and Crab: if a waiter asks if you want your steak smothered with crab meat you must answer yes, mandatory!

Poolside: I am going to lobby congress to amend the constitution to include poolside lunch right after the pursuit of happiness!

Dear MR know-it-all: although you might know a lot about music theory and feel obliged to answer every question before the instructor finishes, it felt really good when you gave the wrong answer…

Business trips: while flattering in the beginning you really just want to go home by the end, I don’t know how you executives do it?

Texas: Everything is bigger in Texas, everything!

Maid Service: leave it messy and return to tidy…is that what marriage is like? (this was a sarcastic pipe dream)