” Impacted by a global culture of consumerism, ever-changing technology and postmodern angst, it can be difficult for us to become part of anything that does not exist for our benefit. We are hesitant to embrace anything that inconveniences or challenges our personal opinions and comfort…Yet at the core of true worship is a life that gives up everything. It’s not about what’s in it for “us”; rather, it’s about being broken and humbled before the King of eternity as we lay down our lives and agendas before Him.”

This a beautiful paragraph from: The Worship God is Seeking…An exploration of worship and the kingdom of God. By David Ruis. I think that as each one of you read it something will come to your mind. A few things that this has brought to my mind:

I am guilty of choosing worship that is to my liking, ie music, style, the people there, preaching…Not that those are bad, but when my motive is that and not God centered it becomes bad.

What about you?