[post 2/5]

They say it is the things that you can’t see that make a man ( I am using “man” as a multigender place holder) That makes me a little scared. I think when you look in the mirror you see all the blemishes, the mistakes, if only’s, would of’s and should of’s. That is a hard way to live…

There was a time when we were full of glory, faultless, not gods, but created in His image, you know, Adam and Eve. Some of that is still the same, we are still created in His image, yet full of faults. However, we have a chance to become transformed. When we accept the call to become Christ followers, something radical happens. St. Paul describes it as a circumcision of the heart, the old self giving way to the new self. If you have decided to follow the way of Christ, then you know what I am talking about, at least for a time.

You see, when we cross that line, over to Christ’s side, we are looking at the good, the great, love, hope, the fruits of the Spirit. Yet slowly, over time we begin to turn around, and soon we are looking right back across that line. We are still followers of Christ, still on God’s side, but we are looking back, the shame, guilt, the past.

How does this tie into character, good question. I can’t tell any one what to do, and if I do it is just lip service. But what I can do is point you in the right direction, point you towards Christ. You might remember an experience when you were at that mountain top, the Spirit of God was heavy, at that moment how was your character?

In Marlyland there is a Highschool football team that starts every practice like this:

Coach: What are we (the coaches) here for?

Kids: To love us

Coach: what are you here for?

Kids: To love each other

Think about that for a second, we are talking about a macho sport, it should read, to destroy the opponent or something of that nature. I think that guy gets it, sure character is defined by what people don’t see, but if you look at the soul of every one, it is just shades of grey. I want to walk in my Rabbi’s foot prints, knowing that I will never live up to it, but I’ll keep on walking. Praying I can live that selfless life, a life for others.


Ideas used to shape this post: A sermon by Greg Arthur , a book by Jeffery MarxA book byJohn Eldridge