[post 4/5]

So it seems like my love life is of interest! Legends they say, I guess I would like to know what is legendary about it. Maybe it is a quest…yes that is more like it.

I don’t think I am a good dater, I mean my mom always told me that I was the most handsome person in the world, so I had that on my side, but I never fancied my self a ladies man. I didn’t have a girlfriend till 12th grade, that was the first girl I kissed. Then I started a string of long distance relationships.

I got used to this idea of having a girlfriend far away, but living a single life. No, no, no I never cheated on them or anything like that, but I wasn’t with them but once a quarter or the like. So I was third wheelin it, or trying to watch a movie and talking to them on the phone.

One of the weirdest things about long distance is the forgetful factor. Let me explain, so you are dating this girl and you can see pictures of her, but you can’t see her. So after a couple weeks you get on the airplane and head off, when you get there you get this weird remembering feeling, Oh that is what she looks like, haven’t seen you in months! It was funny!

Now I am dating a great girl that I met at church a couple of months ago. She lives in the state! I don’t have to remember what she looks like! I probably talk to her as much in person as I do on the phone! It is good…

So I hope that give you an insight into the legend…that is Loren’s love life…

And to my girlfriend…I love you!