[post 5/5]

I love to travel, the adventure, the culture and the food! So when Abigail asked me to write about my favorite city, I just couldn’t do it. So here is my list, in no particular order of great cities and why:

1. Vancouver, BC: Europe in North America, Grand mountains meeting the ocean. Lots of style and great architecture, good food (try ketchup chips) and great scenery.

2. London, UK: History, style, great culture, fish and chips, jacket potatoes, my favorite clothing store in the world River Island, poor man’s black velvet.

3. Minneapolis, MN: yeah its cold, but that keeps the riff-raff out. you don’t realize what you have till its gone, its a great city. One of my favorite things about it is that there are little pockets of different culture, Uptown, Dinky-town, St. Paul, Como. Lakes galore and the mall of America. Now I know some of you snobs all tilting your nose up at this one, but if you gotta do some shopping, might as-well have it under the same roof, all though if they added a Saks off 5Th and a neimen marcus last call it would be the worlds best!

4. Denver, CO: Haven’t spent much time here but what time I did spend I loved. My brother-in-law and I tooled around the city one afternoon, in a place called lodo, short for lower downtown, lots of cool shops and culture with the Rockie mountains in the background.

5. New York, NY: Great for a visit, talk about adventure…try driving in it! Shopping galore, culture galore, everything is galore in NYC.

6. Jerusalem, IS: Amazing, cant describe it in words, if you are a Christ follower, you need to make a pilgrimage to the Holy Lands.

What about you???