Over Thanksgiving I asked Lizzy to marry me… It was awesome, scary, exciting, incredible all rolled into one!!!

I had been planing this since September, and i wanted it to be a surprise, so I kept feeding her “mis-directions” (lies sound bad) joking about a great Christmas present, or what would really make valentines great…but all the while I was planning a thanksgiving treat. So I took her out to dinner, and unbeknown to her my brothers and sisters were setting up a romantic rendezvous on the beach. So after dinner I called my brother and told him to pick us up in a few minutes where he dropped us off, this of course, was a bluff and it worked like a charm. So out side the restaurant was the beach, and as we walked over the bridge to the beach, there was a blanket with candles and champagne on the beach, with the pier in the distance and a pink slivered moon descending over it…perfect…almost too perfect! I love you Lizzy!!! You can check out pictures and more info here: