Well on Jan 26th, 7pm, Christ Church will be holding a concert.  Jason Harrod , a nice guy and great singer/songwriter will be sharing some of his art with us $5 at the door (bring the family for $15, Doerr’s are you reading this!). Now as the promoter for this event I get to decide who opens for him. Usually about 20 minutes 3-4 songs, to warm up the crowd and bring more people through the door (just $5 bucks remember), and get some cross exposure to the artists…So I chose me…more of as a challenge to myself to right 4 good/decent tunes in about a 20 days…that’s 1 song every 5 days for the mathematically challenged.   My theme is this: American Persona.  Mainly persona, but I like American in there.  Persona is Latin for mask…and that’s all the explanation you get from me. I’ll post the songs as they come to me…let me know what you think of them.