You probably already know, but just incase you haven’t heard the news; I am getting married in early September! I’ve been a bachelor for 28 glorious years, I know how to be a single man, I’ve committed the pizza store’s phone number to memory, I am well versed in the art of microwave cooking, the only person I need to take care of is me and marginally at that. Yes, that chuckle boiling up inside of you is well deserved, my life is about to change.  I am slowly realizing that my life is not about me anymore, there is someone else.  If you open up your bible you can see this analogy of the bride and bridegroom smattered throughout its pages. However, it’s often left there in black and white and not translated into real life. When we accept Christ into our lives, life as we know it ends. We are now called Christians; we can’t live life for ourselves anymore. I get tons of “advice” from people about my upcoming life change; one of them was to ask my wife everyday “How can I serve you?”  It seems like good advice to me both in my future marriage and in my relationship with God. I plan to take it.


Helping People Worship,


Loren Miller 

Minister of Worship Arts