So in preparing for marriage I am reading a lot of books, most of them are of the vein: “For men only, what you need to know, what you really need to know and a list of stuff you shouldn’t do! seriously!!” They are interesting to say the least, there is one chapter that I am jealous of, well kinda. You see, apparently women have many things going on in there mind at any given point of time, now I do to, but the main difference is that their things are useful and my mind is chock full of the million different things that distract me at any given time. Here is the perfect example:

Bodypump: Yes, I have been known to enjoy a group exercise class with the soon to be wife. So you go to the studio and you set up your stuff, this is the fun part, you get some weights, a mat, a step thingy, all kinds of cool stuff, and bring them over to your area. During the course of the next hour you use your different apparatuses for different work-outs.

Here comes the difference…you see women are multi-tasking at all times and their brain goes like this If I can bring put back this dumbbell on the rack before the next exercise begins I will have an extra 30 seconds after class for my next task!  Amazing!!! and when they do that for all 5 exercises it adds up to like 4-5 minutes and when that is how you live your life you have an extra hour at least to get MORE stuff done!

I  am just huffing and puffing by my mat astonished at how heavy those 5lbs dumbbells felt. I was proud of my self for even recognizing this phenomenon.  My  monotask day was fulfilled I could go straight to the couch and turn on man vs. wild.

I know God made everyone unique,  and from what my friends tell me I am very unique, but being a monotasker (and barely even able to concentrate on my mono task) is starting to suck. So I am trying to take a page out of Paris Hilton’s book, reinventing my self. So on top of my marriage books I just picked up a book titled Driven To Distraction : Recognizing and Coping with Attention Deficit Disorder. Now I just have to be able to concentrate long enough to read it!