Wow, aparently this is a hot topic! Lets break it down into a couple catagories: Things I do way more of and things I do way less of.

Things I do way more of:

Showering/shaving/brushing teeth – usually once a day was pushing it

laundry – I used to wait till i had one pair of underwear left, now If I have one pair of underwear in the hamper I do a load of laundry, I had never used the laundry machine on “small” load size

Cleaning – I have never lived in a cleaner environment, but it is still dirty?

Cuddling – The best part of marriage to me at least is rolling over in the morning and a beautiful woman is right there!

Things I do way less of:

Sit on the couch and watch TV: that is probably a good thing.

Hang out by myself: Again, probably a good thing.

Play video games, although I will buy a Wii if I ever find one
In review. I didn’t think I was that selfish to begin with, but when you live your life for another you find that you have a limited supply in your giving tank, when I reach that point (usually faster than I care to admit) I just have to start digging down deeper to find some reserves, But it is a beautiful thing, and in giving more you find you get more in return, and I still manage to get enough TV time.

As for marriage goes, I’m all for it!