Got a cheap flight to NYC to see my cousin swim. I actually was able to see 2 cousins in one trip, walk all round Manhattan, do some window shopping, read, write, hit up a museum and most importantly eat.

My cousin Samantha swims for NYU, I had never been to a swim meet before, and I had never seen her swim in person so I was excited. It was a good thing I brought a newspaper, she swam for about 10 minutes and the other 2 hours I read and watched some swimming. Note to self, don’t sit in the first row, it gets a little wet. Sam was just getting over a serious infection so she didn’t have her best day in the water, but up on the wall she held 2 school records, I was really proud of her.

One of the funnier things I saw while in NYC was a mariachi band in the subway, the doors opened, a band walked in, I first thought they might be going to/from a gig, but they started busking right in front of me. I lent my voice to some la bamba harmonies, and practiced my Spanish. Quite interesting.

One of my favorite things I did was to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art or the Met. A truly world class collection from ancient to modern, very inspiring. They had a roof top exhibit by Jeff Koons who turns ordinary into extraordinary (there is a message in there). From the roof you get the best view in the whole city over looking the park. I sat in the sun for an hour and wrote some good stuff that will hopefully make its way into a song or two.

It was a great trip, I love my cousins, I am so proud of them, thanks Spencer and Samantha for a great weekend!