What a fall. If you wait for life to slow down you will spend your while life waiting. So what do you do? I’ll get back to you when I figure it out.

We just finished a sermon series at church entitled abundant life. It was filled with a lot of firsts for me. I was able to preach here is a link, help design and lead a series and start to form a vision with other co workers. I really enjoyed preaching through the gospel of john. It is a simple message of god made us, god loves us, god forgave us no matter what, we need to love god, you need to love you, you need to love others which in turn is loving god.

I’ll call it a feedback loop. You are in some kind of loop whether you realize it or not, addiction, grief, materialism, selfishness are just a few at the top of my mind. But when we live in Gods plan everything else seems so petty and fleeting. Now the trick is letting go of our way if life and living in Gods. It’s hard, we don’t let go of what we know easily. Think of the girl who goes back to that jerk of a boyfriend or that fast-food you have in your hand. When you step away from the situation it is easier to make good choices. But in the heat of life we run back inside of the house that is on fire.

We are on our way to Mn for thanksgiving and my cousin nicks wedding. I will be able to spend some much needed quality time with my wife and see my niece Natalie. Have a great thanksgiving. Get out of that negative feedback loop and live in the kingdom of god, a life lived for others. Then and only then do we have a chance for real change in ’08.

Blogged from my iPhone some where over Ohio