Even the title is hard for me to read, as I am finding out more and more everyday it is less about building,  sure that word works but it implies that progress comes from my work, and more about tending or nurturing God’s Church. You see God doesn’t need me, or anyone for that matter to sing a pretty song or preach a witty sermon, that in its own right is just noise. He doesn’t need me to organize and administrate a network of home-groups and social gatherings.  Rather He calls us to seek first His Kingdom and righteousness!

Life is often a cause and effect relationship, jump you land, buy you pay, etc etc. But what we often forget is that this is true in His kingdom as well.  Seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be answered, ask and it will be given to you…but it doesn’t end there, where our world is governed by physics and such, God’s kingdom is beyond our comprehension, way beyond it. We can apply the principles that we know, i.e.  seek, knock, ask and then God comes along and picks up where Einsteins theories left off. On earth there is a equal and opposite reaction for every action. God, however, is not equal nor opposite;  we seek and He pours His Spirit on us and radically transforms peoples lives, performs miracles. We ask and He gives an abundance, more than we even realize.

As we tend to God’s Church our first instinct is to “fix it”. We can’t! But what we can do is Seek God with all that is within us and in that place, the presence of God, flows community, missions, passionate worship and teaching.  God works! it is documented on page 1005 of this book on my desk.

Read Mat 6, there is even a prayer in that chapter for you to pray, and join me as we seek God, His kingdom and righteousness.