Well I don’t have enough energy to write something coherent, so here are some streams of thought.

Leadership – Sadly we don’t teach it, it seems that only those who rise to positions of worldly success get the knowledge, like CEO’s and VP’s. Just ask anyone who works for a company with more than a handful of employees and they would probably vouch for the lack of leadership in the world. I am of the mindset that we are all leaders to some respect and that if we teach the skills of leadership we will be in a much better place.

Leadership is tangible, not potential. Leaders need to take potential leaders and teach them into tangible leaders.

I am tired, my brain hurts, but when I think about Church I get energized?

It is hot here, so hot that today feels cool at 87F.

I like fire works, but I don’t want to sit in a parking lot with a million people and see them, I would like to drive to D.C. and see them however…

Check out the sermon I preached on Sunday

Speaking of Sunday, come check out church this Sunday and hear Shay preach about the Church, you will recieve an envelope containing a secrect mission…I’m serious!