Here is a link to the sermon I preached on Sunday night

So we just finished one series and are going to start some more in a bit, I have some ideas, love to hear your feedback if it would be something that you are interested in?

#1. Baggage Check ->

The idea being that we all have our own baggage in life, it might look something like  spray painting a piece of luggage with a word, say fear, bringing it down the Isle, unpacking it (the sermon) and then everyone puts their fears in there too, at the end of the series we could have a pile of bags that we throw in the dumpster?

#2. Confessions

Just because I am a pastor doesn’t mean I’m not human, a few weeks spent looking at my confessions that everyone would relate to

#3. Miracles

Thinking around the Christmas season for this

#4. What if…

What if I hadn’t done this or that then turning it on its head to what if I had done that. It makes sense in my mind at least, you might need to consult the Loren to English dictionary.

Thoughts, Ideas, Bueller?