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So I am starting a series of posts, sort of little thoughts that are rolling around in my mind.


A popular song that brings tears to many eyes for various reasons. But true friendship is a gift from God, a spiritual discipline even. You see community is not a one way street, but when you give you find you get more in return. And we aren’t doing this for that reason, that is just the effect.  To know/be known, love/be loved are God given yearnings. However, in our day and time we often find community the most convenient way, we join one every week for an hour or so on this magical device.  This is where the 2 way street analogy comes in, I have to pick up the phone, stop by, make plans etc. and kick myself for thinking that I am too busy.


I want to thank my friend and fellow Pastor, Maggie Mraz for reminding me that Michael W. Smith was indeed correct!

Well I don’t have enough energy to write something coherent, so here are some streams of thought.

Leadership – Sadly we don’t teach it, it seems that only those who rise to positions of worldly success get the knowledge, like CEO’s and VP’s. Just ask anyone who works for a company with more than a handful of employees and they would probably vouch for the lack of leadership in the world. I am of the mindset that we are all leaders to some respect and that if we teach the skills of leadership we will be in a much better place.

Leadership is tangible, not potential. Leaders need to take potential leaders and teach them into tangible leaders.

I am tired, my brain hurts, but when I think about Church I get energized?

It is hot here, so hot that today feels cool at 87F.

I like fire works, but I don’t want to sit in a parking lot with a million people and see them, I would like to drive to D.C. and see them however…

Check out the sermon I preached on Sunday

Speaking of Sunday, come check out church this Sunday and hear Shay preach about the Church, you will recieve an envelope containing a secrect mission…I’m serious!

30, thirty, 1/3 of a lifetime, 11,000 days, some better than others. I’m starting to feel old, yet excited, 30 will be good! I would love to loose 30 lbs by the time 30 is over, I know I can loose 3 at least? 30 new friends? re-connect with 30 old friends!

The perfect birthday meal!

The perfect birthday meal!

Tilt your head to the left and you will smell the sweetness as well! Lets make it a great year!

Shalom, peace, love, cliche


It has been a while since I’ve posted…sorry. Last week was pretty busy, spent reading and writing for a sermon, click here to listen, that I shared last Sunday. At first I was a little bummed because I was preaching on the wise men, yeah, follow a star and give some gifts, was the general gist I had for the past 29 years, but I went back and read around the passage, like I was taught back in college and found that the wise men were really good opposites of the people of Israel found in the book of Malachi. I really enjoyed making the connections and preaching that sermon.

Shay and I just finished filming another short…inspired by the bible and corona commercials…enjoy…and come to the 5:30pm service this Sunday to hear the sermon that goes with it!

9pm Dec 24th @ Christ Church – A blue(grass) Christmas!

Merry Christmas to everyone! Peace on earth and goodwill to all.

What a fall. If you wait for life to slow down you will spend your while life waiting. So what do you do? I’ll get back to you when I figure it out.

We just finished a sermon series at church entitled abundant life. It was filled with a lot of firsts for me. I was able to preach here is a link, help design and lead a series and start to form a vision with other co workers. I really enjoyed preaching through the gospel of john. It is a simple message of god made us, god loves us, god forgave us no matter what, we need to love god, you need to love you, you need to love others which in turn is loving god.

I’ll call it a feedback loop. You are in some kind of loop whether you realize it or not, addiction, grief, materialism, selfishness are just a few at the top of my mind. But when we live in Gods plan everything else seems so petty and fleeting. Now the trick is letting go of our way if life and living in Gods. It’s hard, we don’t let go of what we know easily. Think of the girl who goes back to that jerk of a boyfriend or that fast-food you have in your hand. When you step away from the situation it is easier to make good choices. But in the heat of life we run back inside of the house that is on fire.

We are on our way to Mn for thanksgiving and my cousin nicks wedding. I will be able to spend some much needed quality time with my wife and see my niece Natalie. Have a great thanksgiving. Get out of that negative feedback loop and live in the kingdom of god, a life lived for others. Then and only then do we have a chance for real change in ’08.

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